Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy baby furniture directly from the M Design Village?

No, currently we sell through our network of big box and independent retailers in the United States. Our plan is to have some of our collections available through our e-commerce store in 2016.

Can I return my furniture for any reason?

Returns of merchandise purchased through your local store are dependent upon individual store return policies.

What is the cost of your baby furniture?

Pricing is established by each individual retail store. We suggest that you contact your local retailer.

Does furniture designed and manufactured by M Design Village come with a warranty?

Yes, please see our Warranty Information.

How do I know your furniture is safe for my child?

All M Design Village furniture is tested for compliance to Federal Regulation 16 CFR 1303 for lead content and is certified as such by testing institutions and laboratories recognized by both the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC). We meet or exceed every federal safety standard.

Can you tell me how you measure your furniture or how I can measure a piece myself?

All our furniture measurements are taken at the widest point. Width is measured across the front of a piece. Facing the piece, this would be from left to right. Depth is measured from front to back, and height is measured from the floor to the top of the tallest point of the piece. Bed length is measured from the outside (or back) of the headboard to the outside of the footboard. Construction tolerances and the inherent nature of wood to expand and contract may cause measurements to vary slightly (less than one-quarter inch).

How can I replace lost hardware for my crib or converted bed?

Please contact for further assistance with any hardware replacements

What is the best way to care for my furniture?

Please follow this link to our Furniture Care Tips page. 

I am a furniture retailer. How can I become an M Design Village dealer or distributor?

We sell products to retailers, mass merchant and specialty furniture stores. Please contact our offices at 844-247-5908 if you are interested in becoming a dealer or distributor of our products.